Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Throughout the first two weeks of November pupils in Key stage 4 were looking at how the Christmas Shoe box appeal works. They looked at the true meaning of Christmas and in particular other Christmas festivities in 3rd world countries. The main focus was on children who lived in countries less fortunate than themselves and how we as a community can make a difference to their lives. Each pupil was given £3 to buy appropriate gifts for their chosen child. The gifts included items such as: toys, pencils, paper, games etc. Once the items were bought they were put into wrapped shoe boxes and 2 pupils and a member of staff went along to the distribution centre to deliver the donations. When they arrived the ladies from the centre invited them in and let them add some additional items to their boxes, such as a scarf, hat and gloves.

In the New Year we will be following up this project and will be looking forward to a visit from one of the volunteers who delivered the boxes to Africa. She will be able to show the pupils exactly where their gifts have gone and they will be able to see for themselves, the impact and difference they have made to the children who received their gifts.