Music Comes to Longdon Park School

Beethoven said music can change the world, at Longdon Park School a new purpose built music room might not be changing the world, but it is having a positive impact on students.

The music room built over the summer is a dedicated space in the grounds of the school offering the gift of music to all pupils.   Fully soundproofed and with its own performance area it offers a plethora of instruments including: keyboard, piano, organ, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, drum kit and a variety of percussion instruments

Robert Henry, Teaching Assistant said, ‘Pupils at Longdon school are offered the opportunity to have music lessons on their timetable and each music lesson is tailored to the skills and interests of the individual child so every lesson is different.’

Music offers many benefits both practically and therapeutically.  It can call up repressed emotions that may then be released.  It can lessen feelings of isolation, Improve mood, and decrease depression.  Reduce anxiety, aid self-expression, help stress management and bring joy.  It can help those children who find the classroom environment difficult to access.  One example is Paul who is often out of class, but when he enters the music room he works hard, is focused and frequently says he is proud of himself.  He is learning music by memory.

Other examples are Bella and Morgan who are both learning to play the piano and have very different approaches.  Bella finds reading music frustrating but can listen to music and work out the notes to play, whereas Morgan is the opposite and follows a much more traditional route, she is very good at reading music and therefore a strong candidate for future exams.

Since the opening of the music room parental feedback has been extremely positive with parents saying their children have come home happy and have wanted to and actually do homework!

Richard George, Head teacher said ‘Music at Longdon Park School is having a positive impact and helping to build relationships.  We are fortunate to have Rob who is a great asset to the school and his lessons are proving a huge hit with both pupils and parents.’