Wearing it Pink at Longdon Park

As part of Breast Cancer Now’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, staff and students from Longdon Park School took part in Wear it Pink Day on 22nd November, raising money and awareness for people affected by the disease.

Classrooms were decorated and everyone joined in sporting their best pink attire, from pink skirts, pink socks, to jumpers, trousers and wigs. Wear it Pink is a day to have fun while doing something amazing, and is particularly relevant to Longdon Park as two members of staff have had direct experience of breast cancer. The reason the team delayed Wear it Pink Day from October was because they had planned to celebrate colleague Hannah Trenear and her recovery. Unfortunately, Hannah died in October and everyone is still shocked and saddened by her death. Hannah’s death was not related to breast cancer, so Longdon Park felt it was important to go ahead and remember that Hannah fought breast cancer and beat it.

The money raised is also a thankyou to charities that fund research to save the lives of thousands of women in the UK each year like Hannah. As well as pupils and staff getting involved, one of the amazing parents spent time making over 100 gift boxes of treats for all the staff and students, so they’d would like give a huge shout out and to say a massive thankyou to Lorraine George for all her hard work and kindness –  everyone appreciated the sweets, which were of course pink!