Callum Focuses on his Photography

Callum is currently in year 10 at Longdon Park School and over the past six months has shown a keen interest in photography.

We are very fortunate that Longdon Park School is set in extensive grounds and Callum has captured the landscape in and around school in a series of photographs which show he has an eye for capturing light and shade.

Callum is very proud of his photographs and asked to present them to the Head teacher, Richard George.  Richard was so impressed with Callum’s photo’s that he asked Callum if he would be interested in becoming the school photographer and also produce some images to decorate the school reception area.

Longdon Park School’s mission statement is all about harnessing passions, unlocking ability and realising potential and Callum’s photography is a perfect example of how everyone at the school works together to help pupils do just that.

Callum is currently studying for GCSEs in Maths, English, Science and History and as he puts it is a ‘phenomenal’ cook.  He is also a very good basketball player.  Callum’s passion for photography extends further as he enjoys editing and enhancing his images as well as setting up shots and taking pictures and is interested in pursuing a career which would allow him to use these skills and his obvious natural talent.

To view Callum’s Gallery of pictures please click here.

We will be updating the website with new photographs and themes as Callum builds his portfolio so keep visiting!