Music at Longdon Park School

The pupils at Longdon Park School have been busy composing and producing their own music as well as imagery to go with it.

Here are three very different compositions:

The Chase – by Bella

Here is what Bella wrote about her composition:

Music is fun and I enjoy making my own pieces of music. Music is a good way to express yourself and I like to do it. I especially like composing because not many other people do it and I feel I’m different because of it in a good fun way. A lot people use only instruments making a piece of music but I like to use sound effects in mine too to create a story. I start playing around on the piano and begin thinking this could be good. It then reminds me of something and make the story around the idea. So when I played the bass I thought that was cool and how would it sound if I added sirens. I then made a piece of music that portrayed a chase.

The Sinister Meadow – by Will

Will said:

I’ve been making tunes out of my own head. I make the music up as I go along and record it on the piano. The piano is plugged in to Rob Henry’s laptop and from there I can change the instrument to whatever I feel I would like it sound like. Rob then gives me ideas of other instruments and notes that will sound good with my ideas. The flute at the start is my favourite part of The Sinister Meadow. After the flute, double bass and violin, the French horn and the harp fades in. Afterwards the strings play sinisterly the part the flute played earlier. (The strings are Rob’s favourite part). I think the instruments together in slow piece help make the piece sound mysterious.

Nature – Composer Paul and Video by Jimmy

Paul wrote:

Over the last few months I have been composing a variety of pieces of music. Either at home or in the music room at Longdon Park School, I find time to experiment on the piano and keyboards to make a melody. Using the incredible software in the school’s music room and with the help of the music teacher, Rob Henry, I recorded an orchestrated version of my composition. Nature is a piece of music that I started in the music room during a storm. It took three to four weeks to compose and record it. It is the longest piece I’ve created and has 27 different instrument recordings. At times at it’s peaceful and calming and other times it is hectic and rampaging just like nature really is.

Jimmy said:

Helping to co-produce this fantastic piece of art has been a real gift, it is akin to a gift from god. He is a true expert, and I have greatly helped with most of the production that was needed. By the time that I stepped in to assist, he had already composed quite a substantial amount (and should be proud of this), he didn’t require my assistance per se, but it was useful as I was able to give advice on what sort of instruments should be used, and we used John Williams’ artistic expertise to assist us with this choice. Later on, he needed my assistance with the production of the video that was to go over the piece, we found some interesting clips that went well with the topic of nature. The idea of making a piece of music all around nature has been done several times beforehand, but never like this, the sounds of the instruments go together like fine wine, and the video aligned with this even better. Altogether, I know that this will truly give off the point that we are trying to make, about the destructive nature of, well nature.