Longdon Park School Planting Trees for the Platinum Jubilee

Longdon Park School were lucky enough to recently receive more than 180 mixed trees and shrubs from The Woodland Trust as part of their ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’ plant a tree for the platinum Jubilee initiative.

Pupils at the school wanted to help fight climate change and improve the school environment for outdoor learning.

The UK needs more trees. They improve air quality, make the environment greener, help prevent flooding and create habitats for wildlife. With this in mind, pupils decided to create an area for wildlife including hedgerows, trees and a meadow.

The pupils along with TA Alison have been extremely busy over the last few weeks planting the trees and creating a marvellous oasis for wildlife.  Where the trees have been planted the grass will be left to grow wild which will help protect the saplings until they have been established. This will all provide shelter and a food sauce for a variety of birds and insects.

Alongside the mammoth tree planting the pupils have also created raised beds for growing their own vegetables and bug habitats. We definitely have lots of green fingers at Longdon Park School.