Statement of Purpose

Longdon Park School is dedicated to providing outstanding education to young people with educational, social and communication, and emotional difficulties resulting from a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, incorporating a range of therapies to provide support for the sensory processing needs of our young people.

Our Vision

To provide the opportunity for students to learn together, progress together and succeed together in a nurturing environment where their personalised needs are met.  Our educational environment will enable young people to achieve their aspirations socially, emotionally and academically.  We seek to support young people to see the best in themselves ans achieve the best possible outcomes relevant to their ability.  Students should leave us feeling proud that they were members of our school.

Student Version

  • L – learn together
  • P – progress together
  • S – succeed together

Core Values

We are united in our core values of:

  • Unconditional Positive Regard – promoting mutual respect amongst the school community and a reflective, inclusive and supportive environment within which pupils can thrive
  • Holistic approach – our team of therapists, teachers and support staff work together to support young people with the development of their skills. Parents are a key part of this and we seek to support parents to extend the curriculum and learning experiences in to the home so that young people can begin to generalise the skills they develop at school
  • Aspirational Outcomes – through a personalised and flexible learning experience pupils are supported to engage in a curriculum tailored to support them to meet their full potential
  • Nurturing Environment – empathetic and well trained staff take a non-punitive approach to support young people to reflect on their conduct and mistakes, take responsibility for their actions and develop mutual respect that supports the school community to feel safe and supported
  • Development of Independence – through carefully planned opportunities and experiences, pupils are supported to develop social and life skills as well as academic skills so that they become well rounded members of the community and begin to prepare fully for adult life