Individual approach

As with all areas of education and care at Longdon Park, we take an individualised approach to behaviour management. Our staff know our children really, really well, so they can anticipate when a child may be feeling anxious or upset. Recognising the signs early means we can help our students to find mechanisms to cope and de-escalate the tension.


Communication is absolutely key in managing our children’s behaviour. If children make poor choices, we will come alongside them and help them understand why their behaviour was inappropriate, unacceptable or unexpected and what they could have done differently. It’s vital we draw a line under an incident when it has been dealt with, so the child can move on and we can maintain their trust. We work on a basis or educating for change rather than punishing children.

Parental involvement

Often there are underlying concerns or issues that lead children to feel frustrated at school, so we work closely with parents and carers to understand what else is going on in a child’s life. We also make sure parents know what’s going on at school and how that might impact a child’s behaviour at home too. We encourage parents to use the same techniques that we use at school to ensure there is continuity of care.