Curriculum intent

Our school community strives to equip all pupils with a toolbox of skills, strategies, and knowledge to prepare them for their onward journey and realise the contributions they can make to the wider world.

This will be achieved through the offer of a rich, vibrant and ambitious curriculum, which will draw upon meaningful real-life experiences. The curriculum is designed so that it is ambitious for all learners and enables them to make progress regardless of their varied starting points or academic history. It’s ultimate aim is to provide learners with the cultural capital, skills and qualifications that they need to succeed in later life whether this lies in further education or within employment.

Class sizes

Each class is home to a maximum of seven children supported by a teacher and teaching assistant, so children get very individual care. We encourage individual learning, group work and plenty of outdoor education to help children gain a whole variety of skills as they progress academically. Some of our students really struggle to focus within a classroom and we have a number of individual learning areas where these children can get focused one-to-one support.

Early Years Education

For Key Stage 2, we set very individual educational plans for each child, using the National Curriculum for maths, science, design and technology, art, computing and modern languages. Every child’s plan will be completely unique and we’ll set targets and review progress on a half-termly basis. Alongside the National Curriculum subjects, we’ll also schedule periods of sensory play, life skills, relaxation and plenty of outdoor learning.

Secondary School Education

As children move up the school, they’ll continue to work through the core curriculum whilst pursuing their individual talents and interests. We also introduce enterprise studies at this level, to give our students a broad base of options and opportunities. Alongside their academic studies, our students will still take part in PE, life skills/outdoor learning, and personal, social and health education (PSHE). We also help all our students to take responsibility for their own work, so they develop good learning habits for the future.

Qualification Options

During Year 9, as part of their PSHE classes, children will be encouraged to start thinking about what they’d like to do in the future. We always start by asking children what their ultimate dream is and then working back to see what qualifications or experience they need to achieve it. We want our children to dream big and offer a wide range of GCSE and BTEC qualifications. Children are supported through their exams by teachers in school and in some cases support from an online tutor.

Examination Results

To view our examination results, please click on the links below:

LPS Exam Results 2021

Further Education

At Longdon Park we will do whatever we can to help our children succeed. Some children stay with us to complete their GCSEs in order to prepare for college. Whichever route our children choose, we ensure they are prepared emotionally, socially and academically.