A beautiful and safe location

The first thing that strikes many people about Longdon Park is just how beautiful it is here.

Set within acres of lush gardens and surrounded by fields, the school has the dual advantage of being in a peaceful, rural location and having great transport links to urban centres throughout Derbyshire.

It’s a safe space where our children can explore, play, enjoy sports and take part in a wide variety of outdoor learning opportunities – which are an important element of the curriculum here at Longdon Park. We also love to take our children off site to experience a wide range of activities and get involved in community life.

Purpose built classrooms

The very first step to engage children in learning is simply creating a space in which they feel happy and safe. Our spacious, uncluttered classrooms have been designed with the very specific needs of our children in mind. Many rooms have “chill out” zones, where children can go when they need a break. We use individual desks that can be moved together for group work or separated to help children focus and even the temperature and light levels can be altered if children have particular sensitives.

We are also really proud of our purpose built science, food technology, art and music classrooms and self-contained exercise room. These subjects are typically harder for children with autism to access, so we’ve created open, accessible work areas where children can safely roll their sleeves up and get practically involved. It’s wonderful to see children develop interests and curiosity as they are given new opportunities.

Community environment

Here at Longdon Park we support and encourage each other every step of our journey. At lunchtime, you’ll find teachers, therapists and pupils sitting alongside one another in the dinner hall. It’s always filled with laughter and demonstrates the great relationship that our staff and pupils have.

That community extends to include parents and carers too. The link between home life and school is vital, so we’re in contact with families on a daily basis. There are plenty of opportunities for parents to join us for open days, sports days and whole school celebrations. By working together, we can ensure continuity of care for children and provide the individualised support that we know makes such a difference.