Holistic Approach

When children are happy, confident and well equipped to manage the day-to-day challenges of life, they thrive academically. Many children who come to Longdon Park have low self-esteem as a result of negative experiences they’ve had within the education system in the past. Through the holistic, therapeutic approach we take to learning, we help children to integrate into school and make positive progress in every aspect of their development.

Onsite Therapists

We truly believe that any child, with the right support, can achieve their potential, so we have dedicated occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, educational psychologists and psychological therapists who work with children, depending on their needs. The specialist team visit the school on a weekly basis and put together clear development plans for each child, which they then follow on a weekly basis. Therapists work closely with families too, helping parents and carers to develop strategies to support their child’s development and tackle specific issues that may arise at home.

Coping during the day

We build periods of relaxation into our weekly timetable for every child. Through activities like yoga, we help children to understand what it feels like to be relaxed, so they start to recognise when they get stressed and develop techniques to cope. Our younger children can access the chill out zones within their classrooms whenever they need them and we also build times of sensory play into their schedule. Our older students continue to have access to the full range of therapy resources as and when they need them. We are also fortunate to have beautiful grounds that provide a natural space for children to relax in.