Mental Health/Wellbeing Initiatives currently in place at Longdon Park School


Staff secret support – staff are buddied up and have a ‘secret support’ who keeps an eye on them throughout the term.  If they see them struggle in anyway or feel like they are having a bad day, week or just not themselves will drop them a note or treat to cheer them up and let them know they are not alone.

TA appreciation day; Support worker appreciation day; Teacher appreciation day – cakes and gift bags distributed to all staff in recognition of their hard work on these national awareness days

Exercise sessions for staff on a Monday run by Longdon Park’s very own PE Instructor – Fin.  These vary from yoga sessions, HIIT sessions, badminton, gym sessions and all are welcome.

Themed days e.g. #helloyellow, Halloween, world book day; these give staff (and students) opportunities to dress up, be silly, have fun and raise money/awareness of a range of charities.

Mince pie Monday – during December mince pies are available to all staff in the hall following de-brief.


Lennie the Longdon Park Elf – supporting staff in the run up to Christmas Lennie the Longdon Park Elf will be popping up around school with a range of treats to support everyone’s Mental Elf.


SLTea and Biscuits

Emotion of the week

Key Worker Discussions

3 Houses (house of dreams, house of worries, house of good) – Every term


A Wellbeing Booklet

Information on our website signposting parents to external sources and help with regard to all aspect of mental health