Highly individual

We pride ourselves on wrapping educational support around the needs of each individual child. To do that, it’s important that we get to know and understand their specific needs, likes and dislikes and get a firm grasp of their experience of education so far. As we get to know a child and their family we can build up a level of trust and start to develop an education plan that is tailored for them. Any plan we put together will include support from our occupational therapist, speech therapist, educational psychologist and psychological therapists who work with children on a one-to-one or group basis when needed.


Ultimately we want to prepare children to thrive in the wider world. Within our Life Skills classes children learn very practical skills that will help them integrate socially. The wide range of topics we cover includes using public transport, preparing food and even how to ask for help. Our children love putting their learning into practice through trips to the local shops and cafes in the community.

We also help children to manage their emotions. Many of our students suffer with stress and anxiety and find it hard to express how they feel. We use a variety of relaxation therapies and techniques to help our students recognise and manage those negative emotions. These are invaluable skills that will stay with them when they leave Longdon Park.


We see our relationship with families as a vital component of the support we provide. We appreciate that many children have had bad experiences at school and some may not have been in a school environment for a few years, so we settle them in very gradually over a period of weeks.

When a child joins us at Longdon Park they will be given a key worker with whom they’ll develop a long-term, trusting relationship. The key worker will phone home every day to give parents an update on what’s happened at school and find out if there is anything important going on in a child’s life that may affect their behaviour. Having constant contact ensures a greater continuity of care at home and at school, which is really important in a child’s development.